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App and Brand Design


Capstone Project: ARTD 471


I created an app designed to connect skateboarders, giving them a platform to share their

progress, ignite passion, and build community amongst this group of zealous individuals.


Zeal focuses on features such as

the ability to share spots and locations with your friends, as well as create crews with friends

and locals.


This was my capstone project for my final semester of schooling. My approach to the creation of this app was very methodical and mapped out.

First, I defined the problem:

Skateboarders are divided into a multitude of different apps: spot finding apps, group chat, and clip sharing.


Skateboarders require a hub to keep in touch, share, and connect with local skateboarders within their area.

Then the solution:

Create an app that connects skateboarders with others through one simple unified app.

The value of this project is that skateboarders are always on the move. This app will provide a center of activity to share locations, spots, clips, and more.

I did research in the form of benchmarking and studying the effectiveness of certain social media apps.

After this I set milestones to guide me to the completion of the project:

Milestone 1: Logo and style guide, form the basic design principles to follow when designing the foundations of the app.(1 week)

Milestone 2: Basic interface design and toolbar, the groundwork for further detail and development of specifics of each page. (2 weeks)

Milestone 3: Specific page development, individual modules, and content of each interface and page within the app. (2 weeks)

Milestone 4: Refinement, fine-tune look and feel of the app. Animations when switching pages, more satisfying user experience ( 1 week)

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