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Canoe Company
Logo Design


Client Project


This logo was designed to go on the canoe created by my client. The task was to create a logo that embodied a vintage, family-owned aesthetic. They also wanted to include some resemblance of the Swedish flag to drawback to their heritage. I went about this by first hand-drawing the main text and font for the logo.



I went with a cursive font to highlight the vintage aesthetic for the client. I drew in the Swedish flag by placing it underneath the main type, drawing the eye down to the rest of the logo. For the underlying type "& Son" I went with a simple san serif to contrast the complexity of the main text. Lastly, I placed "Canoe Co." beneath the flag in a handwritten font.

For the colors, I kept it simple with Swedish blue and yellow, and red to compliment and make the primary subject pop. The drop shadow was added underneath to add to the vintage aesthetic.


If I could go back, I would adjust the transparency of the decal, as I did not account for the darkness of the wood the decal would be placed over.  That being said, the digitized logo looks great and the client loved the look of the finalized product.

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